Step 1

Upload your photo.

Your photo choice is very important


Use your own photo with its own background.

Layout/Composition: Please ensure that there is space for the head and hand of the Lord Jesus in the middle to upper left or upper right. Also, select a photo where this part of the background is relatively even toned and uncluttered.

Photo quality: This determines the quality of the finished “I am with you” picture. The higher the resolution (how many dots per inch - DPI), the sharper and clearer the result. If you consider creating wall art or other printed products, its good to supply an image of not less than 6 mega pixels. The subject needs to be in focus. Often a softer, blurry background works really well.



Landscape Subject

Your favourite scenic background can be very effective. Jesus is Lord of creation which he made and sustains for us to live in and enjoy. For those who have eyes to see, His handiwork surrounds us.

Top right background is uncluttered

Top right background is too cluttered

Background is nicely soft and fuzzy